Friday, March 20, 2009

A 2v2 EndWar Tournament by Corporal Bruno

A 2v2 Tournament by Corporal Bruno! ARE YOU SCARED?

The tournament semi finals have a green light.
Please review the bracket and contact your opponents.
Play your match this week.
Scroll Down below the bracket to read the rules.

Week 4 = Round 4. These are the maps: Round 4 Maps: (1) Sevastopol, (2) Glen Albyn, (3) Pamlico

There will be NO PS3 tournament due no one signing up. Here is the final bracket for the 360 tournament, Round 4:

9 Team Gilbert __LowSeed__
5 TG Washington Squad Alpha __HighSeed__

2 Strictly Business __HighSeed__
3 KSI Furyan Squad A __LowSeed__

Format: 2v2 Single Elimination (No loser's bracket). Best of 3 games. All matches will be done in Skirmish mode - Private Match.

Round 4: Game 1: (Conquest)
Round 4: Game 2: (Conquest)
Round 4: Game 3: (Assault)


Lower seed has first choice to either pick faction OR whether they are attacking or defending. Higher seed has second choice to pick from what is left.

For Example:

THE RED DRAGON's team is higher seed then my team. So, my team can either pick faction (JSF, EFEC, RUSSIA) or we can defer and pick whether we are attacking / defending.

If we pick to attack, then Dragon's team will be defending and has choice of faction (JSF, EFEC, RUSSIA). Then we can pick from the remaining two factions.

If we pick a faction first instead, then Dragon gets to pick whether they are attacking/defending.

Reporting: One member from each team must click on this text, send me a PM, or email with the results of the match within 24 HRS of the match. djdrbruno @ gmail . com

Times to play: Your match must be played on a Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday night between NOON EST and MIDNIGHT EST.

This allows players from all over the world to conduct a match at a reasonable time. If there is a scheduling conflict for a particular match due to Tactical Gaming obligations (IE Mandatory Practice/Battles) or time zone conflicts, then please send me a PM and I will help you manage to reschedule.

This time restraint is in order to move the tournament along. If you cannot play one round of the tournament in 7 days you will forfeit your match. Each round will begin Sunday morning when I post the results from the previous week.

If for some reason Real Life interrupts the ability for your team to complete their match within the week, I will allow the use of a Substitute player, but the substitute player must be approved by me before the beginning of the match. That substitute player may NOT be a member of another team. You may use an AI Commander to fill in a spot in order not to forfeit, however I don't recommend it.

Winnings: As of now, you play for pride! OORAH!.

The following maps will be used during the tournament. 1st and 2nd map are conquest, 3rd map is assault.

Round 1 Maps: Matera, Maxwell AFB, Pascagoula

Round 2 Maps: Rondane, 3 Mile Island, Springfield

Round 3 Maps: Vlore, Ft. Levski, JFK Space Center

Round 4 Maps: Sevastopol, Glen Albyn, Pamlico

Final Round Maps: Paris, Washington DC, Moscow

Lets have some fun! See you on the battlefield, OORAH!

XBOX 360: We have the following squads signed up out of 32 possible slots:


2. Strictly Business ( Kid Soldja // Phennix ) Rating 10,277

3. KSI Furyan Squad A ( born perfect 06 // ReppertheGreat ) Rating of 6,768


5. TG Washington Squad Alpha ( IXIMinionIXI // BloodPhreak ) Rating of 3,963




9. Team Gilbert ( Fuego Remix // L0RD SCHNEIDER ) Rating of 1,132










-Corporal Bruno
Lee Squad Leader // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kid Soldja, #1 for the week February 15-21.

The following is an interview with Tom Clancy's EndWar's number one player for the XBOX360 during the week of February 15th through February 21st. Kid Soldja is a devastating player on the battlefield, no better friend, no worse enemy, as I like to say. If you happen to come across this guy, stick it out through the match and save the replay. I learned a lot from all three times he has beaten me.

"How did you come up with your gamertag?"

Well, even though I am 29 years old I still feel like a kid at heart. I think that goes-to-say for most people playing XBOX360 or any other consoles. Soldja because I am tough as nails and very competitive at everything I do in and out of the video game world.

"That is more in depth than I thought it would be. I apologize for underestimating you, that has gotten me in trouble before in a match against you and 'Phennixx'. What do you think led you to the number one spot for the week?"

That's easy enough: Loads of wins and not so many losses I guess...Oh, and playing nothing else but this game.

"This game is like a bad habit, for sure. What is your favorite unit?"

It would have to be the JSF tank with the BLOS cannon upgrade. Three of those can take out a gunship, so it's probably the only unit that can defy the combat chain. Hahahaha!

"I hated fighting against the BLOS cannon when I was Europe. What unit annoys you the most to fight against?"

It's not so much that its annoying to fight against, but what is annoying is the command vehicle and its combat drones and UAV. I mean, that thing aggravates the Hell out of me, especially when they rush it at you. It takes so much damage it's unreal.

"More people should include their Command Vehicle in their rush. Who do you think was the hardest opponent you have ever fought?"

There are a few out there, but theres one guy I played a few days ago, I think his name was 'Icarusbeastz' or something like that, he plays for Russia. Our match lasted a good 30 or 40 minutes. He crushed my initial rush to the up-link in the beginning of the game, so I thought I was done, but I managed to mount a comeback. In the end we were down to only one rifleman each trying to "cap" the up-links. I had air-strikes and two artillery units on the field. I was using them to get line of sight on him so I could "hostile annihilate" him. In the end I beat him, but just barely.

"I remember you telling me about that match right after you finished it. I watched the saved replay and I must say that any match you have to use your artillery as reconnaissance units has been a tough match. After this war is over do you plan on switching factions from the America to Europe or Russia?"

Hell no!!

"Do you kill first or kill in retaliation?"

If it spits fire or has little radar dishes on the top of it, KILL IT!!!

"I will remember to hide my legendary transports next time I play you! Do you have any recommendations for new or amateur players?"

Mission Supports DO NOT win you games! Learn to play without having air-strikes, for example. Another recommendation I would offer a new player is to learn the combat chain. So many new players keep sending one unit at a time at me without having a backup to counter its counter unit.

"Those are excellent recommendations. If you had the option to change one single thing in Theater of War what would you change?"

I know this is crazy, but I wish they would even out the number of people on each faction. That would help us get matches quicker as a whole. I am not sure how that would work, but that is what I would change, to be honest.

"I agree with your crazy idea. I think that Ubisoft should limit a faction to 35% of the population. Also, wouldn't they want to get rid of the stale accounts from people renting the game? Just place them in some inactive status after so long. If they ever come back, whatever is left of their battalion would still exist and they would be able to stay that faction. What games are coming out in the near future that you are considering picking up and why?"

"Killzone: 2", baby, "Killzone: 2"! For the XBOX360 I'll be on "Resident Evil: 5" and "H.A.W.X.".

"I bought "H.A.W.X." today, so I will be joining you there. I have appreciated the few matches we have played together and against each other. It has been a pleasure getting to know you, and I must say, Congratulations!"

I have a BIG thank you for 'Jhaley', 'Soldierrrr', 'Iron Milk' (I will catch up to you on the leaderboard, just keep playing Halo wars! Hahaha!), and of course, last but not least, 'Phennixx' my 2v2 partner who wrecks $H!T to the MAX with me! All of you guys have helped me diversify and improve my playing style significantly.

Soldja out!

-Corporal Bruno
Sherman Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
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Friday, February 27, 2009

Title Update 2 & Server Side Updates for Tom Clancy's EndWar on the XBOX360.

The following is a series of posts in different places between different people and Quid Pro Kuo, that I have smooshed together in order to provide the best sense of the information given to us about the patch to come and the server side updates already made. Thank you all for your recent support!


We’re still awaiting a confirmation on final release date for the latest client-side update for Tom Clancy’s EndWar - Title Update 2 on Xbox 360. However Patch 1.03 for the PS3 is now live.

We've also managed to deploy two server-side updates:

The first is a balancing system which will help scoring on unbalanced maps to improve a faction’s chances of making progress through those maps in the Theater of War and help prevent “ping-ponging” between territories.

Second is an update that will ensure new starting territories will be selected each time a war ends. This will prevent new wars from starting off the exact same way previous wars have.

We hope that these patches will improve the EndWar experience for all our players and are continuing to work to improve the game to the best of our abilities.

Corporal Bruno:

I saw your post about the SS update you all made. Thank you.

Please explain what you did to "Balance" the maps. Can you be detailed? Also, the way I read it says these changes have already been made and the updates installed, is that correct? When does the dev team plan to release Title Update 2?

We appreciate your shoutout about keeping the game going, etc. We really love this game, tried Halo Wars, but honestly when it comes to console RTS, no one will ever get it with out the voice commands. Just keep coming through with your promises, and I am sure you will keep the hardcore commanders like me and the people I ask questions for, as well as get new players.

Thank you all for your hard work.


I don't have a date for it yet. Trust me, if I had it I'd post it. The server side changes were installed yesterday for the X360 and I believe the PS3 one will be up and running today.
I'm trying to get more details on the balancing system for posting but as of now my hands are tied.
As always, once I know what's up it will go on the forums.


Clarification on Balancing:

The dev team has been monitoring the progress of the last few TOW wars on both the PS3 and X360 and was able to work out a handful of maps that have pronounced balancing issues. This situation is made worse when two such maps happen to be side by side because it would result in a ‘ping-pong’ effect that would cause the wars to go on much longer than we anticipated.

What we’ve done is rebalanced these key maps to aid the disadvantaged side of the unbalanced maps and even the playing field. These are tweaks to existing variables and they will be monitored regularly and adjusted to be as fair as possible for both the attacker and defender sides of the map.

This is also done for each individual game mode, so while one map may have issues in Raid, it may not need tweaking in Conquest. The number of maps that are impacted by this is small. They include: USS Reagan Seabase, Le Ceito, and Ft. Levski.

These are all server-side changes that require no downloads to your console.

First off we’d like to offer our apologies. Due to unforeseen circumstances Title Update 2 for the Xbox 360 will not be released in February as we had originally planned. We’re sorry for the delay and we will update you on a new release date as soon as it is available.

So far, everyone, that is all I can get from QPK. I will let you know when I know. Take care and see you all on the battlefield!

-Corporal Bruno
Sherman Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tactical Gaming

A lot of you have heard me going on and on about how great the clan is that I am part of. Here is just another example of how much dedication some members have at low levels in the clan:

RJGNow is the Squad Assistant for Knox Squad, an EFEC faction based squad for EndWar Division. He sacrificed his own personal time to make the above video for the better of the over 1000 member clan. Also, he made one just for his squad:

That is what is great about Tactical Gaming, you can choose your own level of dedication. You can be completely motivated all the time like RJGNow or myself, or you can just be the casual gamer who wants to practice once a week. There are multiple divisions based on which game you like to play the most. I invite you to just come check out our site, registration is free. No obligation just enjoy our public forums area and get to know some of our members. See you all there!

-Corporal Bruno
Sherman Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PS3 Patch 1.03 and XBOX360 Title Update 2

After a very long suspenseful wait, Ubisoft Shanghai will be releasing a patch for Tom Clancy's EndWar on both the XBOX360 and the PS3 platforms. Many people have awaited this patch to keep their units from going MIA as well as fixing the leaderboards.

This is the official release of the details for Li C. Kuo, Community Developer for EndWar from UBI-Shanghai.

"EndWar PS3 Patch 1.03 Notes -

We’re getting close to wrapping up approvals for the 1.03 patch on the PS3. Here’s the list of what the patch addresses:

• Added in 4v4 multiplayer feature.
• Users will now be able to see correct thumbnails for DLC replays even if they didn’t download the pack themselves.
• Increased stability of 2v2 online sessions.
• Fixed issue with win/losses not being properly reported.
• Fixed game crash when trying to plant minefield.
• Fixed bug that resulted in 3v3 playgroups.
• Fixed bug that locked players out of BHQ after viewing a replay.
• Fixed issue with units not moving in a replay.
• Fixed issue with incorrect number of units being controllable by player in 4v4 mode.
• Improved stability during gameplay in TOW.
• Improved framerate on certain maps.
• Fixed bug which caused all members of a playgroup to disband after one player quit.
• Fixed bug which displayed a 360 controller on RU-01 map in solo campaign.
• Fixed issue with DEFECON information not appearing in capitals in solo campaign.
• Fixed crash when the host of a multiplayer match deploys gunships during raids on Le Ceito.
• Fixed “Out of Sync” issue in Rondane in Assault mode.
• Fixed a bug that caused the main menu to hang.
• Fixed bug that allowed engineers to restore shields of allied units infinitely.
• Fixed random crash on briefing screen for Dukovany in Conquest mode.
• Fixed various UI display bugs.
• Fixed issue with units being killed in TOW when players quit a game.
• Fixed issue with the loss of high rank units disappearing after losing connection in TOW.
• Improved waiting lobby stability for online matches.
• Icon no longer appears on the map when your opponent uses “Deep Strike” in online games.
• Fix bug that prevented players from using “Deep Strike” on a critical building in Raid Mode.
• Fix bug that caused PIP videos to play repeatedly.
• Fixed text description for “Assault” task force.
• Fixed crash when starting session in pregame lobby for online private matches.
• Fixed bug that caused DEFCON message to appear when DEFCON conditions are not yet fulfilled.
• Fixed UI display for victory conditions in TOW.

Xbox 360 Title Update 2 Notes –

I'm still waiting for an update on the release date for TU2, but here's the list of what it fixes.

• Players disconnecting from a game in 1v1 Theater of War matches will no longer result in units becoming KIA (this includes the “disappearing units” issue).
• Fixed improper text translations.
• Fixes issue with Xbox Live Leader Boards inaccurately recording wins/losses.
• Fixed UI to properly display TOW victory conditions.
• “Dashboarding” players will now be credited with a loss every time they leave a game if they’re in it for more than 3 minutes."

-Corporal Bruno
Sherman Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to Tactical Warfare!

-Corporal Bruno
Sherman Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

EndWar Strategy: A Guide to Intercepting Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare

By: Trauma 75

For the purpose of this guide, EMP means to “cast” Electronic Warfare on an incoming air strike, and AS means “Air Strike”.

Everyone has looked at the Tom Clancy’s EndWar achievement list and has noticed a rare, often neglected achievement called: Air Defense: Intercept 5 incoming Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare. Throughout my EndWar experiences I’ve been trying to figure out the most efficient way to get this achievement, as well as to deal with the Air Strike nuisance. I’ve done some experimenting with how to evade air strikes by moving my units out of sight, and that worked some of the time. I have concluded, though, that the most efficient method of countering the dreaded air strike by far is to EMP it.

There are several approaches that I have tried. I tried EMPing a spot in the air strike’s path and EMPing over my unit with minimal success rates. The most successful (effective) way to EMP an air strike is by placing the EMP on it as it enters the map. The procedure for doing this is simple. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind is that anything on your opponent’s half of the field is 100% susceptible to being struck. It seems impossible to get an EMP on the air strike in time using the method to be described.

Intercepting Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare

Things that are required in order to Electronic Warfare an air strike.

Command vehicle (CV) that has the UAV upgrade.
Level 1 Electronic Warfare support on an uplink.
At least 3 CPs (Command Points).
Main Strategy

At the start of the match the CV’s UAV needs to be send to the very corner of the map behind the opposing teams spawn. (To better avoid detection send the UAV along one edge then to the corner, rather than sending it strait across the map.) In the majority of the maps the air strike will originate from the edge of the corner grid square behind the opposing teams spawn. It will pass along the side of the corner square NOT through the apex of the corner. The sit rep view needs to be enabled. Then, the zoom needs to be brought back as far as it will go in order to make the reticule as large as possible when compared with the incoming air strike. The air strike will appear as a red diamond out side of the map before it comes into play this gives you a ¾ of a second heads up on it coming. As soon as it enters the field of play you will be able to EMP it. You CAN NOT use the voice commands you must use the controller to call it in. The procedure is simple just depress the LB then press A when you are ready to call it in. Thanks to the auto lock capability, there is no need to worry about specific targeting of the air strike fighters.

Choosing when to attempt to intercept Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare.

It’s really only practical in 2s and 4s – more so in 4s. It can be done in 1s but, you need to do everything from sitrep and multitask. Example: you have your artillery start attacking their uplink, you have a tank + transport + gunship nearby to protect it and you switch to sitrep and anticipate an AS on your cluster, move cursor to AS area, get ready while waiting for uplink to go down. Not easy.

In co-op, its a lot easier. One person goes heavy riflemen + CV and the other goes firepower. This way the CV + rifle guy can focus more on stopping the strikes while the others are making a critical push. I’d say that you shouldn’t upgrade above level 1 EMP when attempting to do it, keep it as cheap as possible. Level 2 isn’t bad though, 4 CP for 4-5-6 CP for the AS, an even trade or better.

Determine when to set up for it:

You need to anticipate its usefulness by map and opponent because you need to set up for it off the jump – is this match/map a good candidate?:

What is the common strategy that you are seeing on this map from the player base?
Have you played these guys before, what are they doing? A bunch of air strike whores?
Is it a huge map w/9 uplinks where you have little chance of taking down their back uplinks until defcon (Maxwell for example).
Skirmish the map and find a good landmark that determines the 50% mark. If your troops must move past this landmark to be useful then it is not a good candidate and you need to think about an alternative strategy. For example: Shenandoah type maps, you can stop it at the water way/mid point of the bridge between sierra and delta. This means if you are hitting artillery on delta or foxtrot or yankee from lima, you can easily stop AS from knocking you out. Maxwell, you can stop it just outside of whiskey/sierra/foxtrot – which means if you are shelling any of those uplinks, you’re golden.

Useful scenarios:

1. When you are at stalemate against a difficult opponent and you want to knock down their supports using artillery but, you need to buy enough time to do it. If its a mid-point uplink, your artillery will be more then far enough back to be able to stop it. If its a deeper uplink where your artillery must move past mid-point, you will not be able to stop it.

2. When you know your opponent is an AS whore who run over with gunships, AS you and move back over and over. If you can EMP just a few of those while making your move, it could easily be game over. Especially when you are mobilizing a big force, if that force can make it with full health to their side and they were depending on AS to cut it down prior…

3. When you are trying to take back one of your rear uplinks from the enemy to stop the timer in conquest (maybe something they deep struck), each time you attempt to secure it, their nearby garrisoned infantry calls in an AS on you. Especially helpful towards the end of a long match where they still have air strike up and you are both low on deployments. If you can keep your riflemen from going down from AS, you can easily flip the timer in your favor. You deploy riflemen, you run to secure, co-op partner spots and EMPs incoming AS, you secure the uplink, timer stops, you storm building of garrisoned infantry.

4. During assault: especially towards the end of the match on a big map where you can’t easily take their supports down. If you can lure them onto your side of the map and counter the airstrikes while fighting troop for troop, you might be able to turn the battle. Especially when you still have back protected artillery – they want it down at all costs.

5. When massing a force to make a push: keep it well behind the 50% line and lure them in to AS you a few times (EMPing it of course) then push on them at full speed. If their strategy is based around AS and you can soak up a few of them with EMP, they should be drained of CP for a moment. Just remember to separate your troops when making your move.

6. Some maps have a defender EAST attacker WEST layout and on these maps the airstikes come from the north and south. Three Mile Island is like this. Stopping AS on these maps is especially useful because you can make a push into enemy territory and still stop it – move across the bridge in the south into the defenders area, take both of those lower uplinks and stop air strikes as you’re doing it.

7. Early on in matches: if you can take a critical uplink from them you can turn the game early. Typically they won’t have the force that far up to stop you so, they use AS as their only offensive tool. A common scenario is Delta on Brenner Pass. The defender can rush delta before the attacker can transport there. The attacker can artillery Delta from behind the mountain to get them out but, as soon as you push on it, they AS you over and over again to prevent you from taking it. If they knock your riflemen out, you have to start over from the DZ or save for a deep strike and by that point, they have massed a forced to protect it. If you can stop those early air strikes, you have a significant chance of taking Delta from them right off the bat, you’ll have the extra CP, they should be drained of CP for the moment and your 100% health force can pull out from behind the mountain and start pushing on them.

8. Similar to 3, when you have a riflemen in an uplink, the timer is at say 1m to victory, they are running up on you air striking your riflemen in the in the uplink over (blind or with eyes). If you can stop the air strikes, your riflemen will take care of the theirs.

A big thanks goes out to the guys I play with all the time the “Mod Squad” consisting of barbarism and Jackal0321USMC. A thanks goes out to Stiv X for proof reading this.

This information was written and provided by TRAUMA 75. Thank you Trauma this information is extremely knowledgeable and intelligible. Special Thanks to The Red Dragon for the great video!

-Corporal Bruno
Grant Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Dragon's strategy videos.

If you have never heard of Red Dragon, then please come out from under your rock. He is definitely one of the best players on Tom Clancy's EndWar currently. He is a member of Stonewall Squad (Tactical Gamings only competitive squad) and they are ranked #1 and undefeated at He has taken the time to put together a video collection of strategies and tactics that he and his squad use from time to time. I think there is a wealth of knowledge and a great entertainment value here. Please take the time to check these out. I guarantee you will learn something!

Here is one to start you off:

The rest are found here, as well as at the bottom of this page. You might want to subscribe to his posts at YouTube.

-Corporal Bruno
Grant Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming /\/\
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PunkRwkr23 #1 for the week(2/8/9) on the XBOX360.

What is the story behind your gamertag?

"I've always been into punk music, since I was younger, back in my highschool days. The name 'PunkRwkr' was actually taken so I just stuck my age at the time on the end of it."

What map led you to #1 for the week?

"Grissom, Shenandoah, and Le Ceito. Assault maps are what I'm best at it, and I had never raided Leceito before because I heard it was impossible to win, but I have yet to lose a match there so I quite enjoy that one."

All 3 of those maps are pretty solid guarantee wins for JSF. What is your favorite unit?

"I would have to say my tanks, especially on assault maps. I dont even bother using transports anymore on maps like Grissom and Maxwell Assault. 6 3 stars tanks with bloss cannons escorted by two gunships makes short work of any enemy gunship, especially when they are in a tight formation."

What unit annoys you the most to fight against?

"Russian artillery due to there heavy damage, and Euro transports because they always beat me my transports to the uplink."

Do you think someone will win the war or do you think that Ubi will call the war early like they did for the PS3? Either way, who do you think will win?

"Well, the JSF has failed to take two different capitals now, but I also believe we are the only faction to actually attack any enemy capital as well. I could be wrong though as I've missed a good 4-5 weeks of the second war. I'd guess that if Ubi decided to call it they would award JSF as the winner due to that fact. Now if they don't call it I see this war going well into 100+ turns."

Who do you think was the hardest opponent you fought?

"That week I would have to say alDalVl 8nt EZ. He managed to give me two of my losses after he finally figured me out. Its always a blood bath when we fight each other. I enjoy playing him though and I believe he feels the same. Over all though I would say RamSS. The other time I finished first for the week back in War 1 he handed mine to me atleast half a dozen times. He is probably the best opponent I have faced to date. I would like to face him again because I think I could squeeze atleast one win out of him."

After this war is over do you plan on switching factions or are you JSF forever?

"Well I probably won't be around to see this war end due to real life, I'll be "retiring" for 6 months come the 20th of this month. But you can count on me taking up the fight for the JSF when I get back. I will never switch factions."

If you had the option to change one single thing in TOW what would you change?

"The wait time for matches. I mostly play 1 vs 1 matches now and sometimes I sit there for a good 40 minutes to an hour waiting for a match. Other then that though I wouldn't change a thing. I love the game how it is."

I find that hard to believe with the huge number of wins you have secured. But, who am I? I can tell you that you wait that long because people don't like to play maps they lose by over 3000 matches. Do you have a single bit of tactics or advice for up and coming new players?

"Hit them fast and hit them hard. Don't let up on them even for a second. Every second you wait gives them chance to regroup, call in reinforcements, and move to a more tactical posistion. 16th armored all the way! You can't go wrong with them."

I have to wish you congratulations, you even look like you are going to win again next week.

"Good job on the push to Paris JSF. We may not have taken it but that's two capitals in one war. Keep defending the homeland and we will end up the victor!"

-Corporal Bruno
Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming /\/\
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QuidProKuo EndWar's Community Developer

Sometimes we are happy with Ubisoft, sometimes we are upset with Ubisoft. That is how it goes with the relationship between gamer and developer. But, I must say we are all very happy with the hard work and dedication that Ubisoft Shanghai's Endwar Community Developer has put in to make our experience more enjoyable. We would all like to say thank you and keep up the great work!

I do apologize for the tardiness of this interview, we all know what I have been going through trying to give a chance to host this content. All in all, I think this is a much better venue. I hope you all enjoy this interview and I hope to be able to interview other developers at Ubisoft in the future. For all of you that had questions and don't see them here, I apologize, but QPK could only answer certain questions.

A lot of players are concerned with how the Theater of War works and have many suggestions about how the Primary Front Rule operates. Can we expect any changes to the Primary Front Rule?

"It took a long time to get the TOW rules to where they are now, the last thing the team wants to do is to change a rule and break the entire system. However, we do know that the TOW rules are very complex and are keeping this in mind for future projects."

Where can we find a rule by rule explanation of the way Theater of War works? Can you explain the Primary Front rule in detail?

"There is already a TOW primer on the forums at"

What were some of the surprises and challenges the Theater of War gave the developers after the release?

"We didn’t expect the wars to last so long or for there to be so many deadlocks."

What goals, pre-launch, did the development team have to determine if the game was a success? Do they feel they met these goals?

"The goal was to make the first strategy game truly designed for consoles and revolutionize the way strategy game are played. In this respect, we’d like to think of EndWar as a success. We received a lot of positive feedback from the players and the press alike, as well as praise for trying something truly new and innovative."

We totally agree with this as a whole. We love how the controls work. We are really hoping that there will be a sequel, and we think that a better marketing campaign will bring more players to the game. Is it set in stone that EndWar will not have a successor? We really enjoyed the voice command RTS. We would like more of it. What does the future hold for EndWar?

"When we’re ready to comment there will be an official announcement."

Tom Clancy's EndWar certainly has revolutionized real time strategy game play on the console with the simple layout and voice command. What sparked these ideas and do you hope other developers will follow by Ubisoft Shanghai's example?

"We have a set of video developer diaries you can view to get your answers. You can find them on Here’s a link to the first episode (there are 10 in total). "

What are the Shanghai UbiSoft Developers working on now and next?

"Some are working on patches and post-launch support. Others have moved on to other projects."

Can we have a list of exactly what the patch will fix? We have seen many posts referring to leader board issues, units disappearing, etc., but no details.

"I was actually in the middle of compiling this list when I got this questionnaire:

Patch Notes for EndWar X360 Title Update 2 -
• Players disconnecting from a game in 1v1 Theater of War matches will no longer result in units becoming KIA (this includes the “disappearing units” issue).
• Fixed improper text translations.
• Fixes issue with Xbox Live Leader Boards inaccurately recording wins/losses.
• Fixed UI to properly display TOW victory conditions.
• “Dashboarding” players will now be credited with a loss every time they leave a game if they’re in it for more than 3 minutes.

PS3 Patch 1.03 details will come later."

We really appreciate game fixes and patches, so thank you so very much. Speaking of the players on the PS3. Does Ubisoft plan on giving PS3 players the 4v4 patch, and if so, what is the time frame?

"Yes, 4v4 will be part of the PS3 1.03 patch. I don’t have a date yet."

It seems that after you get 60 upgrades, the achievement on XBOX 360 doesn't unlock. Did you know about this?

"Yes, we know about this issue and our post-launch team is looking into it. "

That is great news, there are a lot of players out there that really strive to get every single achievement! Can we expect any new DLC regarding new units, upgrades, camo schemes or battalions in the future?

"Yes, there is more DLC planned."

How exciting! We really enjoy the option of replays. Does the development team plan on expanding the controls over the replays?


Fair enough. As you know this is a huge topic of discussion amongst the community. How did the development team miss that the ease of unit killing would push players away from this game in the incredibly huge numbers it did? Some people have recommended to increase the HP of a downed unit as to not make it SO easy to kill a legendary unit. Why have some other community games, like the Halo series, have nothing resembling perma-killing units, but we do? Could it be that is why they have hundreds of thousands, and even millions of player and we have less than 5,000 that play per week? Perma-killing is important as it refreshes the game, but it's too easy as compared to the time and psychic engery placed into the ranking-up.

"A lot of choices were made as a result of the private beta that we held. I can’t go into more details as this is more of a decision made by the lead designers and the Creative Director."

(I am going to look into an interview with the Creative Director.)

Why is Tom Clancy's EndWar only set in the Atlantic theater? Why doesn't it involve the whole world? I mean, we can only fight on half of real American territory, as well as only half of Russia. I can understand the game play issues involved in having the large amount of territories, but how about having the next war spread out over the Pacific, or maybe the whole northern hemisphere? Because as it is now, this "World War 3" seems a little contained, as you can't fight across the whole world, or at least all of America and Russia. Where is China in all of this?

"Really this is a question best-suited for someone like Michael de Plater, the Creative Designer on EndWar to answer. That said, I do know that the team wanted to focus on one specific part of World War 3 for EndWar and potentially explore other parts of WW3 in the future."

(I am also going to look into an interview with Michael de Plater.)

I hope that ends up turning out to come to fruition. If you could go back to the drawing board but only change one thing about Tom Clancy's EndWar, what would you change and why?

"Please keep in mind that I work on the community end and that this is my personal opinion: I’d have liked to have added a bit more depth, as a military enthusiast I’d have liked to have seen things be a bit more realistic, and a bit deeper as far as tactical options go."

As a Marine I would have to agree with you 100% on that. The game was released at the same time as Gears of War 2 and (I think it was) Left 4 Dead. There were two major releases at the same time, I know that. What impact did that have on the game sales?

"The real question is, 'How would EndWar have done if it was released on a different date?' The answer: I have no idea."

What is the forecasted impact of Halo Wars on the EW community?

"I really don’t know, only time will tell."

A lot of the dedicated EndWar players have played the demo for Halo Wars, and so far the results were: "It isn't EndWar." On a separate note, do the developers listen to the War Report? Do they read the forums? Do they read my interviews?


There you have it! QuidProKuo has spoken! We look forward to all the changes in the future, and we would like to say thank you one more time!

-Corporal Bruno
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Who links to my website?

Google PageRank Checking tool

Paradox0823 - Top player amongst EFEC on the XBOX360.

How did you come up with your gamertag?

Well I got my gamertag a long time ago when Halo 2 came out. In the opening movie of Halo 2, there is a person named "Paradox". So I decided to add on my birthday and make it my gamertag.

I see. What do you think led you to the number one spot on the leaderboards for EFEC?

I've been playing EFEC for a long time now and I figured out that it doesn't matter how beefy your units are if they're stuck racing a snail to the uplinks in the middle that I've already captured.

Interesting take on things, but it makes sense. What is your favorite unit?

Hands down it would be EFEC transports. They are great for keeping my tanks nice and shiny. They also get an amazing attack boost from the new elite battalion.

Yeah those transports are nasty. What unit annoys you the most to fight against?

I get annoyed by people who drag on a fight by hiding riflemen in the forest or a building off yonder and try to stay in the match for the next fifteen minutes in attempt to get a second WMD. This is the sole reason why I switched my main focus to securing all the uplinks and end the match as quick as possible.

Do you think someone will win this war or do you think that Ubisoft will call the war early like they did for the PS3? Who do you think will win?

Well I really believe that no one will be able to win a victory as long as the JSF keep Grissom. Other then that, I'm thinking that this war will be ended by the mods and the winner will be EFEC again for the most territories captured.

Who do you think was the hardest opponent you have ever fought?

I've had plenty of hard opponents. Some for skill and some for unit level. To name a few there is Kashern, RepperTheGreat, and I guess I'll give RamSS the benefit of the doubt .

After this war is over do you plan on switching factions or are you EFEC forever?

Well I am going to come out clean and say that my disc is broken and it may be some time before I can get another one. But if I do come back, I'm still going to roll with the EFEC.

If you had the option to change one single thing in Theater of War what would you change?

Hmm... You're feeding one person in a hungry crowd, Bob, but I feel the most important thing is my suggestion to have the experience curve for units steeper. Have recruit through veteran take half the amount of matches and veteran to legendary a little more then one and a half times longer to get promoted. Just think... No more "OMG! You killed my hardened!!!1!1!111", and more balanced matches since more players will have secondary attacks, and still have the satisfaction of killing those really highly ranked units . I believe that it would fix a lot of the problems about unit killing, but the rest is up to those bug fixes!

What games are coming out in the near future that you are considering picking up and why?

I've been waiting for one game in particular to come out for a good year. Stargate Worlds. Its a great looking MMO that I may have a lot of fun with.

I have seen some things about that game, it does look interesting. I have to say congratulations, you have worked hard and played great.

"If you guys want to hit me up, send me a message and I could be your friend for a day (for a low, low, low price of $500). Just don't send me friend requests out of the blue because my mom told me not to talk to strangers! "

There you have it commanders! Thanks for your interest, and I will see you again with my upcoming interview with QuidProKuo!

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I just had to...

After posting to the front page of for about 2 weeks, EJRaven decided to restrict my publishing abilities. Which in most cases would be fine but, he refused to post my articles unless I edited them to his liking. Well, that is his site, so he can keep it.

WELCOME! The EndWar community has spoken out to me in private and publicly, that they want their interviews and they want them now! So, here you go!

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