Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paradox0823 - Top player amongst EFEC on the XBOX360.

How did you come up with your gamertag?

Well I got my gamertag a long time ago when Halo 2 came out. In the opening movie of Halo 2, there is a person named "Paradox". So I decided to add on my birthday and make it my gamertag.

I see. What do you think led you to the number one spot on the leaderboards for EFEC?

I've been playing EFEC for a long time now and I figured out that it doesn't matter how beefy your units are if they're stuck racing a snail to the uplinks in the middle that I've already captured.

Interesting take on things, but it makes sense. What is your favorite unit?

Hands down it would be EFEC transports. They are great for keeping my tanks nice and shiny. They also get an amazing attack boost from the new elite battalion.

Yeah those transports are nasty. What unit annoys you the most to fight against?

I get annoyed by people who drag on a fight by hiding riflemen in the forest or a building off yonder and try to stay in the match for the next fifteen minutes in attempt to get a second WMD. This is the sole reason why I switched my main focus to securing all the uplinks and end the match as quick as possible.

Do you think someone will win this war or do you think that Ubisoft will call the war early like they did for the PS3? Who do you think will win?

Well I really believe that no one will be able to win a victory as long as the JSF keep Grissom. Other then that, I'm thinking that this war will be ended by the mods and the winner will be EFEC again for the most territories captured.

Who do you think was the hardest opponent you have ever fought?

I've had plenty of hard opponents. Some for skill and some for unit level. To name a few there is Kashern, RepperTheGreat, and I guess I'll give RamSS the benefit of the doubt .

After this war is over do you plan on switching factions or are you EFEC forever?

Well I am going to come out clean and say that my disc is broken and it may be some time before I can get another one. But if I do come back, I'm still going to roll with the EFEC.

If you had the option to change one single thing in Theater of War what would you change?

Hmm... You're feeding one person in a hungry crowd, Bob, but I feel the most important thing is my suggestion to have the experience curve for units steeper. Have recruit through veteran take half the amount of matches and veteran to legendary a little more then one and a half times longer to get promoted. Just think... No more "OMG! You killed my hardened!!!1!1!111", and more balanced matches since more players will have secondary attacks, and still have the satisfaction of killing those really highly ranked units . I believe that it would fix a lot of the problems about unit killing, but the rest is up to those bug fixes!

What games are coming out in the near future that you are considering picking up and why?

I've been waiting for one game in particular to come out for a good year. Stargate Worlds. Its a great looking MMO that I may have a lot of fun with.

I have seen some things about that game, it does look interesting. I have to say congratulations, you have worked hard and played great.

"If you guys want to hit me up, send me a message and I could be your friend for a day (for a low, low, low price of $500). Just don't send me friend requests out of the blue because my mom told me not to talk to strangers! "

There you have it commanders! Thanks for your interest, and I will see you again with my upcoming interview with QuidProKuo!

- Corporal Bruno
Grant Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Join a community not a clan!

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  1. Thanks Paradox... atleast my talents are somewhat apreciated-Repperthegreat