Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PunkRwkr23 #1 for the week(2/8/9) on the XBOX360.

What is the story behind your gamertag?

"I've always been into punk music, since I was younger, back in my highschool days. The name 'PunkRwkr' was actually taken so I just stuck my age at the time on the end of it."

What map led you to #1 for the week?

"Grissom, Shenandoah, and Le Ceito. Assault maps are what I'm best at it, and I had never raided Leceito before because I heard it was impossible to win, but I have yet to lose a match there so I quite enjoy that one."

All 3 of those maps are pretty solid guarantee wins for JSF. What is your favorite unit?

"I would have to say my tanks, especially on assault maps. I dont even bother using transports anymore on maps like Grissom and Maxwell Assault. 6 3 stars tanks with bloss cannons escorted by two gunships makes short work of any enemy gunship, especially when they are in a tight formation."

What unit annoys you the most to fight against?

"Russian artillery due to there heavy damage, and Euro transports because they always beat me my transports to the uplink."

Do you think someone will win the war or do you think that Ubi will call the war early like they did for the PS3? Either way, who do you think will win?

"Well, the JSF has failed to take two different capitals now, but I also believe we are the only faction to actually attack any enemy capital as well. I could be wrong though as I've missed a good 4-5 weeks of the second war. I'd guess that if Ubi decided to call it they would award JSF as the winner due to that fact. Now if they don't call it I see this war going well into 100+ turns."

Who do you think was the hardest opponent you fought?

"That week I would have to say alDalVl 8nt EZ. He managed to give me two of my losses after he finally figured me out. Its always a blood bath when we fight each other. I enjoy playing him though and I believe he feels the same. Over all though I would say RamSS. The other time I finished first for the week back in War 1 he handed mine to me atleast half a dozen times. He is probably the best opponent I have faced to date. I would like to face him again because I think I could squeeze atleast one win out of him."

After this war is over do you plan on switching factions or are you JSF forever?

"Well I probably won't be around to see this war end due to real life, I'll be "retiring" for 6 months come the 20th of this month. But you can count on me taking up the fight for the JSF when I get back. I will never switch factions."

If you had the option to change one single thing in TOW what would you change?

"The wait time for matches. I mostly play 1 vs 1 matches now and sometimes I sit there for a good 40 minutes to an hour waiting for a match. Other then that though I wouldn't change a thing. I love the game how it is."

I find that hard to believe with the huge number of wins you have secured. But, who am I? I can tell you that you wait that long because people don't like to play maps they lose by over 3000 matches. Do you have a single bit of tactics or advice for up and coming new players?

"Hit them fast and hit them hard. Don't let up on them even for a second. Every second you wait gives them chance to regroup, call in reinforcements, and move to a more tactical posistion. 16th armored all the way! You can't go wrong with them."

I have to wish you congratulations, you even look like you are going to win again next week.

"Good job on the push to Paris JSF. We may not have taken it but that's two capitals in one war. Keep defending the homeland and we will end up the victor!"

-Corporal Bruno
Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming /\/\
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