Friday, March 20, 2009

A 2v2 EndWar Tournament by Corporal Bruno

A 2v2 Tournament by Corporal Bruno! ARE YOU SCARED?

The tournament semi finals have a green light.
Please review the bracket and contact your opponents.
Play your match this week.
Scroll Down below the bracket to read the rules.

Week 4 = Round 4. These are the maps: Round 4 Maps: (1) Sevastopol, (2) Glen Albyn, (3) Pamlico

There will be NO PS3 tournament due no one signing up. Here is the final bracket for the 360 tournament, Round 4:

9 Team Gilbert __LowSeed__
5 TG Washington Squad Alpha __HighSeed__

2 Strictly Business __HighSeed__
3 KSI Furyan Squad A __LowSeed__

Format: 2v2 Single Elimination (No loser's bracket). Best of 3 games. All matches will be done in Skirmish mode - Private Match.

Round 4: Game 1: (Conquest)
Round 4: Game 2: (Conquest)
Round 4: Game 3: (Assault)


Lower seed has first choice to either pick faction OR whether they are attacking or defending. Higher seed has second choice to pick from what is left.

For Example:

THE RED DRAGON's team is higher seed then my team. So, my team can either pick faction (JSF, EFEC, RUSSIA) or we can defer and pick whether we are attacking / defending.

If we pick to attack, then Dragon's team will be defending and has choice of faction (JSF, EFEC, RUSSIA). Then we can pick from the remaining two factions.

If we pick a faction first instead, then Dragon gets to pick whether they are attacking/defending.

Reporting: One member from each team must click on this text, send me a PM, or email with the results of the match within 24 HRS of the match. djdrbruno @ gmail . com

Times to play: Your match must be played on a Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday night between NOON EST and MIDNIGHT EST.

This allows players from all over the world to conduct a match at a reasonable time. If there is a scheduling conflict for a particular match due to Tactical Gaming obligations (IE Mandatory Practice/Battles) or time zone conflicts, then please send me a PM and I will help you manage to reschedule.

This time restraint is in order to move the tournament along. If you cannot play one round of the tournament in 7 days you will forfeit your match. Each round will begin Sunday morning when I post the results from the previous week.

If for some reason Real Life interrupts the ability for your team to complete their match within the week, I will allow the use of a Substitute player, but the substitute player must be approved by me before the beginning of the match. That substitute player may NOT be a member of another team. You may use an AI Commander to fill in a spot in order not to forfeit, however I don't recommend it.

Winnings: As of now, you play for pride! OORAH!.

The following maps will be used during the tournament. 1st and 2nd map are conquest, 3rd map is assault.

Round 1 Maps: Matera, Maxwell AFB, Pascagoula

Round 2 Maps: Rondane, 3 Mile Island, Springfield

Round 3 Maps: Vlore, Ft. Levski, JFK Space Center

Round 4 Maps: Sevastopol, Glen Albyn, Pamlico

Final Round Maps: Paris, Washington DC, Moscow

Lets have some fun! See you on the battlefield, OORAH!

XBOX 360: We have the following squads signed up out of 32 possible slots:


2. Strictly Business ( Kid Soldja // Phennix ) Rating 10,277

3. KSI Furyan Squad A ( born perfect 06 // ReppertheGreat ) Rating of 6,768


5. TG Washington Squad Alpha ( IXIMinionIXI // BloodPhreak ) Rating of 3,963




9. Team Gilbert ( Fuego Remix // L0RD SCHNEIDER ) Rating of 1,132










-Corporal Bruno
Lee Squad Leader // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
Join a community not a clan!

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