Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kid Soldja, #1 for the week February 15-21.

The following is an interview with Tom Clancy's EndWar's number one player for the XBOX360 during the week of February 15th through February 21st. Kid Soldja is a devastating player on the battlefield, no better friend, no worse enemy, as I like to say. If you happen to come across this guy, stick it out through the match and save the replay. I learned a lot from all three times he has beaten me.

"How did you come up with your gamertag?"

Well, even though I am 29 years old I still feel like a kid at heart. I think that goes-to-say for most people playing XBOX360 or any other consoles. Soldja because I am tough as nails and very competitive at everything I do in and out of the video game world.

"That is more in depth than I thought it would be. I apologize for underestimating you, that has gotten me in trouble before in a match against you and 'Phennixx'. What do you think led you to the number one spot for the week?"

That's easy enough: Loads of wins and not so many losses I guess...Oh, and playing nothing else but this game.

"This game is like a bad habit, for sure. What is your favorite unit?"

It would have to be the JSF tank with the BLOS cannon upgrade. Three of those can take out a gunship, so it's probably the only unit that can defy the combat chain. Hahahaha!

"I hated fighting against the BLOS cannon when I was Europe. What unit annoys you the most to fight against?"

It's not so much that its annoying to fight against, but what is annoying is the command vehicle and its combat drones and UAV. I mean, that thing aggravates the Hell out of me, especially when they rush it at you. It takes so much damage it's unreal.

"More people should include their Command Vehicle in their rush. Who do you think was the hardest opponent you have ever fought?"

There are a few out there, but theres one guy I played a few days ago, I think his name was 'Icarusbeastz' or something like that, he plays for Russia. Our match lasted a good 30 or 40 minutes. He crushed my initial rush to the up-link in the beginning of the game, so I thought I was done, but I managed to mount a comeback. In the end we were down to only one rifleman each trying to "cap" the up-links. I had air-strikes and two artillery units on the field. I was using them to get line of sight on him so I could "hostile annihilate" him. In the end I beat him, but just barely.

"I remember you telling me about that match right after you finished it. I watched the saved replay and I must say that any match you have to use your artillery as reconnaissance units has been a tough match. After this war is over do you plan on switching factions from the America to Europe or Russia?"

Hell no!!

"Do you kill first or kill in retaliation?"

If it spits fire or has little radar dishes on the top of it, KILL IT!!!

"I will remember to hide my legendary transports next time I play you! Do you have any recommendations for new or amateur players?"

Mission Supports DO NOT win you games! Learn to play without having air-strikes, for example. Another recommendation I would offer a new player is to learn the combat chain. So many new players keep sending one unit at a time at me without having a backup to counter its counter unit.

"Those are excellent recommendations. If you had the option to change one single thing in Theater of War what would you change?"

I know this is crazy, but I wish they would even out the number of people on each faction. That would help us get matches quicker as a whole. I am not sure how that would work, but that is what I would change, to be honest.

"I agree with your crazy idea. I think that Ubisoft should limit a faction to 35% of the population. Also, wouldn't they want to get rid of the stale accounts from people renting the game? Just place them in some inactive status after so long. If they ever come back, whatever is left of their battalion would still exist and they would be able to stay that faction. What games are coming out in the near future that you are considering picking up and why?"

"Killzone: 2", baby, "Killzone: 2"! For the XBOX360 I'll be on "Resident Evil: 5" and "H.A.W.X.".

"I bought "H.A.W.X." today, so I will be joining you there. I have appreciated the few matches we have played together and against each other. It has been a pleasure getting to know you, and I must say, Congratulations!"

I have a BIG thank you for 'Jhaley', 'Soldierrrr', 'Iron Milk' (I will catch up to you on the leaderboard, just keep playing Halo wars! Hahaha!), and of course, last but not least, 'Phennixx' my 2v2 partner who wrecks $H!T to the MAX with me! All of you guys have helped me diversify and improve my playing style significantly.

Soldja out!

-Corporal Bruno
Sherman Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
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