Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tactical Gaming

A lot of you have heard me going on and on about how great the clan is that I am part of. Here is just another example of how much dedication some members have at low levels in the clan:

RJGNow is the Squad Assistant for Knox Squad, an EFEC faction based squad for EndWar Division. He sacrificed his own personal time to make the above video for the better of the over 1000 member clan. Also, he made one just for his squad:

That is what is great about Tactical Gaming, you can choose your own level of dedication. You can be completely motivated all the time like RJGNow or myself, or you can just be the casual gamer who wants to practice once a week. There are multiple divisions based on which game you like to play the most. I invite you to just come check out our site, registration is free. No obligation just enjoy our public forums area and get to know some of our members. See you all there!

-Corporal Bruno
Sherman Squad Member // Drill Instructor
Tactical Gaming
Join a community not a clan!

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