Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PS3 Patch 1.03 and XBOX360 Title Update 2

After a very long suspenseful wait, Ubisoft Shanghai will be releasing a patch for Tom Clancy's EndWar on both the XBOX360 and the PS3 platforms. Many people have awaited this patch to keep their units from going MIA as well as fixing the leaderboards.

This is the official release of the details for Li C. Kuo, Community Developer for EndWar from UBI-Shanghai.

"EndWar PS3 Patch 1.03 Notes -

We’re getting close to wrapping up approvals for the 1.03 patch on the PS3. Here’s the list of what the patch addresses:

• Added in 4v4 multiplayer feature.
• Users will now be able to see correct thumbnails for DLC replays even if they didn’t download the pack themselves.
• Increased stability of 2v2 online sessions.
• Fixed issue with win/losses not being properly reported.
• Fixed game crash when trying to plant minefield.
• Fixed bug that resulted in 3v3 playgroups.
• Fixed bug that locked players out of BHQ after viewing a replay.
• Fixed issue with units not moving in a replay.
• Fixed issue with incorrect number of units being controllable by player in 4v4 mode.
• Improved stability during gameplay in TOW.
• Improved framerate on certain maps.
• Fixed bug which caused all members of a playgroup to disband after one player quit.
• Fixed bug which displayed a 360 controller on RU-01 map in solo campaign.
• Fixed issue with DEFECON information not appearing in capitals in solo campaign.
• Fixed crash when the host of a multiplayer match deploys gunships during raids on Le Ceito.
• Fixed “Out of Sync” issue in Rondane in Assault mode.
• Fixed a bug that caused the main menu to hang.
• Fixed bug that allowed engineers to restore shields of allied units infinitely.
• Fixed random crash on briefing screen for Dukovany in Conquest mode.
• Fixed various UI display bugs.
• Fixed issue with units being killed in TOW when players quit a game.
• Fixed issue with the loss of high rank units disappearing after losing connection in TOW.
• Improved waiting lobby stability for online matches.
• Icon no longer appears on the map when your opponent uses “Deep Strike” in online games.
• Fix bug that prevented players from using “Deep Strike” on a critical building in Raid Mode.
• Fix bug that caused PIP videos to play repeatedly.
• Fixed text description for “Assault” task force.
• Fixed crash when starting session in pregame lobby for online private matches.
• Fixed bug that caused DEFCON message to appear when DEFCON conditions are not yet fulfilled.
• Fixed UI display for victory conditions in TOW.

Xbox 360 Title Update 2 Notes –

I'm still waiting for an update on the release date for TU2, but here's the list of what it fixes.

• Players disconnecting from a game in 1v1 Theater of War matches will no longer result in units becoming KIA (this includes the “disappearing units” issue).
• Fixed improper text translations.
• Fixes issue with Xbox Live Leader Boards inaccurately recording wins/losses.
• Fixed UI to properly display TOW victory conditions.
• “Dashboarding” players will now be credited with a loss every time they leave a game if they’re in it for more than 3 minutes."

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