Friday, July 15, 2016

Let Freedom Ring.

We are mourning the loss of scores of people tonight across the globe taken by different tragedies. The past weeks have been hard for everyone. The past decades. The last 250 years have been painful. Humanity has come a great distance in this fight. It's not over yet.

Over 7 billion people are out there worth living for. You can wake up tomorrow and make small changes in your own life to better the whole life of those 7 billion.

What changes can we make? Lift your head up and smile at others. Say hello. Instead of calling someone a negative name on twitter or facebook or leaving a hateful comment on youtube, wish them a good day and good health. Ask them how their week has been, and if there is anything that has been troubling them. Instead of asking to be paid for that small task, offer to do it free as a gesture of good will.

Those people you see and interact with on a daily basis will be the ones impacted. Which will brighten their day and your own, just try it and see. The impact will be viral and soon every city and town in the world will be having a great day.

How do we maintain these changes in our lives? Never stop doing the above things. Also, when you find someone stuck because of a lack of education, offer them the internet, provide links and phone numbers of helpful resources, names of people who could help them.

How do we eliminate the hateful and insane from the world? Purely education and opportunity. These are the only two driving factors that allow them the universe they live in. If there is a place in the world where the only opportunity to make money for you and your family is to join a fighting force, consider dropping cell phones with wifi access to the internet. The education will find them, or they will find the education. The opportunities will find them, or they will find the opportunities. When a human is given the opportunity to help themselves without having to do harm to others, they generally will. It's when they are helpless and backed into a corner with zero other options do they fall to the wind of the evil and corrupt.

We must find a way to reach out to these people, not to their leaders, but to their recruits and give them the opportunity of safety, education, opportunity, a future they can shape for themselves. This is democracy, and we must maintain the fundamentals of democracy even when they are being torn to shreds from every enemy.

When the easily manipulated and regimes of hopeless become educated and willful of their own determination to succeed at their own hands, the evil doers with greed and insanity at their core will fall on their own swords.

You have a guide, its with you every day, listen to that gut feeling. Trust it. Do the right thing. <3 p="">

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