Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In Response To The Huffington Post's 'How Did The Moon Form?'

Recently Jacqueline Howard wrote an article for the Huffington Post that Scientists have finally figured out the problem with the giant impact theory which they believe created the Earth’s only satellite, the Moon.  I recommend you read it.

I would like to add in a large amount of theories before this is taken to heart.

There is a near zero chance that our solar system is in it’s original state, even loosely.

Its blatantly obvious from every culture’s rich history that our sky looks completely different than it did 200,000 years ago.

Let’s take a step out of what we THINK is correct (everything we’ve been taught as true is really a hypothesis).

Now, without raging, read this:

What if all the stories of our past had truth at their foundation? What if there really was a giant war of the Gods in our heavens that left humanity miserable for a long time?

What if a comet (let us just say that the comet is Venus for hypothetical situations) was caught by our solar system? What if our solar system was a tight group of rocks all near each other in a near geosynchronous orbit?

What if the Earth, Mercury, Moon, Mars, Ceres (Dwarf Planet) were all satellites of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, & Jupiter along with their current satellites?

When the battle between Venus & Mars took place it would have been an amazing electrical event. (Picture your finger getting shocked on the door knob and then multiply by unfathomable amounts to get it into the scale of our planets playing marbles)

This electrical event would have caused huge plasma bolts to scar Mars (which we can visibly see and reproduce in plasma laboratories right now! Google it.)

The event would have stripped away any atmosphere Mars had and all the debris would have been lifted off the surface of the planet and sent flying out into the atmosphere in a plume landing back on the planet as it spun and to any near by planets (Earth, Moon, etc.) This accounts for why half of Mars is covered in rock debris and the other half is missing a large portion of its crust (ocean gone).

We account for this event in nearly every religion, in nearly every culture, on nearly every cave wall.

The Moon very well could have impacted Earth or Mars millions+ years ago, but more than likely it was created from the same source our planet, Mars, Mercury, Ceres were all created from.

If you think that I’m crazy, just forget you read this and now go back to what we know is true:

The Earth is flat, and the solar system revolves around us. Oh wait, wrong century!

If you would like to know more about the electric universe (EU) theory I recommend watching the “alien sky” series made by the Thunderbolt organization:


In Response To The Huffington Post's 'How Did The Moon Form?'

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