Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Destiny Series Announcement: The Exotic Item Safari

I'd like to invite you to a new series A series called "Exotic Item Safari". We will visit all 22 Exotic Weapons in the game. And we will visit all 27 exotic armor pieces known of in the game. Now I will say some of this has not been released yet. Some of it is content from future expansions. And there is probably other exotic weapons that will be released that we don't know about yet. so this is the best we could do as of right now and we will try to keep you as educated as possible along the way. Now each video will be short and will cover just that item as well as any new news about exotic items as they come along. So, please catch every one of them and the playlist will be listed below in the description of this video. Feel free to link your own video showing off your gear in the comments below of any of these videos. We want to share with each other our loot and we want to share our stories with each other of how you got your gear. So, please feel free to share all that stuff below with us.

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